Special Interest Spectroscopy
Alpy 600 Slit-Spectrograph

Jim Ferreira, Livermore CA  bakerst@comcast.net

Orion Nebula Spectra, Alpy 600
Spectra of Orion Nebula core next to Trapezium star groug, Alpy 600, SV80S, DMK41 video

Solar spectra, Alpy 600
Solar spectra, Alpy 600, SV80S, DMK41 video

Bright Stars of Orion, Alpy 600 spectra
Spectroscopy of brightest stars in Orion constellation, Alpy 600, 80mm f/6 APO, DMK41

NGC 2392 planetary nebula, Alpy 600 spectra
Planetary nebula NGC 2392 (Eskimo Nebula), 10th magnitude, Alpy 600 / SV80S @ f6

Alpha Canis Minoris spectra, Alpy 600
Alpha Canis Minoris, F5 IV-V type variable star, Alpy 600, Atik 420M

Hd58367, G8 III spectrum, Alpy 600
HD58367, G8 III star spectra, Alpy 600, Atik 420M

HD58972, K3 III star spectra, Alpy 600
HD58972, K3 III star spectra, Alpy 600, Atik 420M

F type star metal comparison
Comparison of metal rich and metal poor 'F' type star, Alpy 600 spectrograph

Spectroscopic line widening of B type stars
Spectral line broadening due to rotational velocity of 'B' type stars, Alpy 600 spectrograph

WR136, NGC6888, Alpy 600
Wolf-Rayet star WR136 (V1770 Cyg) spectra with Alpay 600, H-alpha image of HGC6888

'F' type Star, Alpy 600
HD193706 is a very late 'F' type dwarf or main sequence star......I'm a little puzzled with the emission peaks and possible TiO absorption band.  Still searching the literature.....

SS Cygni outburst spectra, Alpy 600
SS Cygni spectra <48 hours after outburst, Alpy 600 with 4" ED refractor

SS Cygni, guide camera slit image, Alpy 600
SS Cygni, off-axis guide camera image of slit, Alpy 600

Io Sodium Cloud Spectroscopy, Alpy 600
A tenuous cloud of sodium surrounds and trails behind Jupiter's moon Io.  Though not seen visually, its presence can be detected spectroscopically.

M42 Nebula spectra, Alpy 600
M42, Orion Nebula spectra consiting of primarily O, H, N, He and S, Alpy 600 / C9 / Atik 420M

AB Aur spectra, Alpy 600
AB Aurigae, Herbig Ae/Be type star (pre-main sequence), Alpy 600 / C9 / Atik 420M

SU Aurigae, T-Tauri type star, Alpy 600
SU Aurigae, classical T-Tauri type star (pre-main sequence) with weak emission lines for Ca II and H-alpha, Alpy 600 / C9 / Atik 420M

Spectroscopy Comet Lovejoy, nucleus & tail, Alpy
Comet Lovejoy C / 2014 Q2 - spectra of nucleus and coma, and, spectra of tail - Alpy 600 / C9 / Atik 420M
Comet Lovejoy

Methane absorption in Jupiter and Saturn spectra, Alpy
Methane absorption band in spectra of Jupiter and Saturn -- Alpy 600

Uranus - Lunar spectra comparison, Alpy 600
Methane absorption in the spectrum of Uranus, comparison with lunar spectrum - Alpy 600

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