V339 Del

        Delphini 2013

Nova Delphini 2013

Nova Del 2013 & Vega Comparison
Balmer line comparison of Nova Delphini and Vega, 08 Sept. 2013 UT, 7.2v magnitude
Spectra of Nova Del 2013 & Vega, Jim Ferreira

Nova Delphini, 16 Sept. 2013
Nova Delphini, 16 Sept. 2013, SA100 grating, Atik ATK16, raw spectra

Nova Delphini, Helium Flash spectra
On September 20th [UT] the nova produced a 'Helium Flash' which is evident in the upper spectra.

nova delphini 2013
Over a 5 day period the flux level for O I @ 8446 Angstrom dropped by roughly half

nova delphini 2013
Nova Del has entered the 'nebula' phase with a notable rise in N, He and O

Nova Delphini V339 Del
The nova is now fading more rapidly, 10.8 magnitude on the evening of 18 Oct. UT

Nova Del V339, 22 Oct. 2013
Fading of the nova is now slowing, as of 22 Oct. 2013 the nova is at 11.0 magnitude

Nova Delphini, 02 Nov. 2013
Still at 11.0 magnitude, 02 Nov. 2013, there is no notable change in the nova spetra

Final Nova Delphini spectra for 2013
Nova Delphini, 2d spectral plot, 11.2v magnitude
Nova Dephini is now at 11.2 magnitude, 25 Nov. 2013, and a challenge to image as it continues to move into the sky glow of my western sky
Nova Delphini, 25 Nov. 2013, 11.2v magnitude