NGC 6888, 'Crescent Nebula', Hydrogen-Alpha, OIII and R[G]B Color, Cygnus

15 x 12 minute, SV102ED @ f/5.6, Atik ATK-16, Schuler 9nm H-alpha filter, bias and darks subtracted
Seeing was fair with winds 5 to 15mph, first quarter moon -- the GM8 mount is darn solid even in windy conditions

10 x 20 minutes + 10 x 12 minutes, SV102ED @ f/5.6, Atik ATK-16, Astrodon 6nm OIII filtr, darks only subtracted
Shot on two nights during full moon - considerable post processing to bring up OIII signal, thus the noise

R[G]B color using OIII for blue and Ha for red, synthesized green from OIII and Ha - color processing by
Emilio Vismara