Solar Prominence Photography
Jim Ferreira, Livermore CA

activated solar prominence
Activated prominence on the northern equatorial eastern limb, 26 May 2016
A series of images shot over an hour can be seen at:

coronal rain stop-action movie
Coronal Cloud Prominence and Coronal Rain time lapse sequence, 26 Aug. 2013
coronal cloud prominence and coronal rain, Jim
quiescent solar prominence, 28 July 2013
Quiescent solar prominence, western limb, 28 July 2013
active region solar prominence, north western limb
Active region filament along north western limb, 27 July 2013
eruptive solar prominence sequence, 25 July 2013
Eruptive solar prominence stop-action movie covering 2 hours, 25 July 2013
Curious eruptive prominence, western limb, 25
          July 2013

Activated quiescent solar prominence movie
Activated quiescent solar prominence, eastern limb, 1 hour time-lapse movie, 20 July 2013

quiescent solar prominence, western limb
Filtergrams that view directly up the end of a quiescent solar prominence -- 2 hour stop-action time-lapse video

quiescent prominence stop-action movie

polar crown prominence, 13 July 2013

Polar crown solar prominence with 'bubble' and plume - sequence and time-lapse animation

polar crown prominence time-lapse movie, 13 July 2013

activated solar prominence
Activated solar prominence along the northeastern limb, 01 July 2013 - time-lapse movie
activated solar prominence time-lapse movie

quiescent prominence, southeastern limb
activated quiescent prominence
Activated quiescent prominence that developed into the massive quiescent prominence in the above 6 filtergram sequence

Quiescent prominence development on southeastern limb, 28-30 June 2013, NSO-GONG data
quiescent prominence, NSO:GONG data

Quiescent prominence development on southeastern limb, 28-30 June 2013, NSO-GONG data

quiescent solar prominence time-lapse movie
Quiescent solar prominence time-lapse movie
quiescent solar prominence
Very active quiescent solar prominence
quiescent filament evolution NSO:GONG
Filament development, solar rotation, NSO:GONG filtergrams

activated quiescent solar prominence
Activated quiescent solar prominence

activated quiescent solar prominence

tower solar prominence
Towering quiescent solar prominence

surge prominence movie
Limb outbursts and surges.
This surge activity on the western limb associated with outgoing AR11754 was visible continuously all morning
and early afternoon (PDT).  At this image scale the rising and falling of outbursts and surges was rapid enough
that movement was obvious to the eye real time, not just detectable over several minutes.   Note that some of
the surges are clearly anchored to the visible photosphere at the base of the double limb.  0.8A H-alpha Daystar
ION filter, 10cm @ f/28, DMK21AU618 640x480 [cropped], 0.42"/pixel        20 May 2013, 18:53-19:33UT

quiescent solar prominence, 23-24 May 2013
Quiescent solar prominence, northeastern limb, 23-24 May 2013

flare & surge, eastern limb, 24 May 2013
Limb flare and surge prominence, 24 May 2013

Flare & surge prominence, 24 May 2013

quiescent solar prominence movie - backstreaming
Quiescent solar prominence movie showing backstreaming
activated quiescent solar prominence
Considerable backstreaming in a quiescent solar prominence, 17 May 2013

polar crown solar prominence erupting
Remaining structure of polar crown prominence, the majority of the prominence has lifted away, disappearing from view in H-alpha

polar crown solar prominence evolution
Evolution of polar crown solar prominence

polar crown solar prominence
Polar crown solar prominence

polar crown solar prominence temporal study
Polar crown solar prominence

Activated polar crown prominence movie
activated polar crown prominence movie
Activated polar crown promience
activated polar crown prominence
Activated polar crown prominence, 0.8A H-alpha
polar crown prominence
Polar crown prominence time-lapse animation showing plasma down flow, 29 March 2013
polar crown prominence time-lapse animation
Polar crown quiescent prominence time-lapse animation, 24 March 2013, 0.8A H-alpha Daystar ION filter

polar crown prominence
Polar crown quiescent prominence, 24 March

Quiescent Polar Crown Prominence Sequence
Quiescent polar crown prominence of southwestern limb, photo sequence

polar crown prominence movie
High resolution time-lapse movie of quiescent polar crown solar prominence

active solar prominence sequence
Active solar prominence on eastern limb, 12 frame sequence

active solar prominence time-lapse animation
Time-lapse sequence animation of active solar prominence on eastern limb

Polar crown quiescent solar prominence, northwestern limb

Activated solar prominence, equatorial western limb

Activated solar prominence, plasma back-streaming, 0.8A Daystar ION H-alpha filter

Quiescent prominence, dopplergram, 27 Aug. 2012

70,000km high quiescent prominence, equatorial eastern limb

Limb flare and massive surge prominence, north-equatorial eastern limb

Pre-eruption of quiescent prominence, northeastern limb

Eruptive prominence H-alpha filtergram sequence resulting from M6.9 class solar flare in outgoing AR11514, 08 July 2012

Active prominence, southeastern limb, 28-29 June 2012

Quiescent prominence, 40,000km high

Eruptive prominences along eastern limb, 02 June 2012

erupting solar prominence time-lapse
Stop-action animation of erupting prominence, 29 May 2012

Eruptive prominence

Quiescent solar prominence

Activated quiescent prominence, southwest limb, +/- 0.5 Angstrom dopplergram, 18 May 2012

Post flare loops following X1.8 class solar flare in outgoing AR11402, northwestern limb, 27 Jan. 2012  19:24-19:52 UT
Typical winter seeing conditions, but with brief moments of smoother air.  Shot with new DMK21AU618 USB2 video camera.
Improved sensitivity at 6563A allowed higher shutter speed @ 60fps helping resolve and capture finer structure in the loops despite poor seeing. 

Coronal Rain on western limb.  Remnants of a large filament that lifted off several days earlier, now a good deal of the ejected plasma is cooling and returning to the chromosphere.
Note the various small bright knots of plasma rapidly descending.  Image time frame: 19:21-19:51  14 Jan. 2012 UT

  Arching eruptive solar prominence that appears to be associated with a limb flare on the eastern limb.

Eruptive prominence obscures quiescent prominence along the eastern limb, 31 December 2011

Post solar flare loops.

Post Flare Loops

Post solar flare loops, dopplergram

Massive surge prominence in AR11280 along western limb.  Seeing was sporadic, but in those moments of good seeing, fine structure was well resolved.

Activated solar prominence

Activated quiescent prominence still behind the northeast limb.  Though seeing was sporadic, much back
streaming could be followed, along with large spicules and surge prominences along the foreground limb.
Farther down the page is the same prominence 24 hours later.

Activated quiescent solar prominence, Daystar ION 0.8A H-alpha filter

This is the same activated prominence on the northeast limb as 02 Sept.,  24 hours later.  Solar rotation has moved it fully onto the limb and it now stands 50,000 km high.
Some prominence material has already been thrown off, and within 8 hour the remaining prominence will lift off, scattering southward (to left).

Evolution of quiescent solar prominence over 4 days

Time-lapse animation showing bubble and plumes in polar crown prominence

Bubble and plumes in quiescent prominence

massive quiescent solar prominence - doppler
Quiescent prominence, H-alpha dopplergram

solar prominence development sequence
Evolution of quiescent prominence over 4 days, 25-28 Aug 2011

solar prominence sequence
Quiescent prominence, southeast limb, 13 Aug 2011
Quiescent prominence, Daystar ION 0.8A

Polar crown quiescent prominence developing plasma bubble and plume, 35 minute time-lapse, 1.5 minute cadence
Seeing was poor resulting in postage stamp size final images making up the animation.  15 Aug. 2011

Equipment:  Lunt LS50F filter on a 400mm FL ED refractor used primarily for full disk viewing and imaging.  Daystar ION 0.8 Angstrom
filter with 100mm aperture energy rejection filter on a 102ED f/7 refractor with 4x telecentric -- system operates at f/28.  Cameras;
DMK21 and DMK41 digital video cameras for live viewing and imaging, and Watec analog video camera primarily for full disk viewing.