Low Resolution Stellar Spectroscopy with Slit and Slitless Spectrographs

Alpy 600 slit spectrograph (600l/mm) and Star Analyzer 100 diffraction grating (100 l/mm)
SV80S 80mm f/6 APO refractor -- DMK41 digital video, Atik ATK16 CCD and Atik 420M CCD cameras
spectrum plotting with RSpec analysis software

I've been dabbling in stellar spectroscopy since late 2012 and find it most addictive despite the very modest resolution of my equipment.

Jim Ferreira  bakerst@comcast.net

Alpy 600 Slit Spectrograph

Slitless Spectroscopy with SA 100 grating

Spectroscopy of Galactic Nova Delphini 2013

Spectroscopy of Be type stars

Spectroscopy of Wolf-Rayet type stars

Spectroscopy of Symbiotic type stars

Spectroscopy of Carbon type stars


SN2014J, supernova in M82, image and spectra
SN2014J, supernova in M82
Supernova SN2014J in M82, image and spectra

Uranus & Neptune comparison spectra
Uranus and Neptune comparison spectra showing Methane and Ammonia absorption bands

absorption lines revealed in B, A, F, K and M class stars with the Star Analyser 100 and 80mm aperture refractor

2 Persei, Phi Andromedae spectre, 04feb2013UT
Spectre of B type stars 2-Persei and Phi-Andromedae, Star Analyser 100

59 Tauri A0p-Si spectrum
Test spectra of 56 Tauri with 235mm SCT @ f/6.3 and Star Analyser 100, DMK41 video camera

Spectroscopic image of Orion nebula core showing the familiar zero order image of central nebula and trapezium [at left], and the nebula in OIII and H-alpha light, Star Analyser 100

Sun absorption lines, Star Analyser 100 and 80mm refractor

Eta Pegasi - Matar, G2 II-III (F0 V), 2.95 magnitude, Star Analyser 100

Alpha Cygni - Deneb, A2 Ia, 1.25 magnitude, Star Analyser 100

M57 visible at OIII and H-alpha wavelengths with Star Analyzer 100 diffraction grating and DMK41 digital video

Low resolution spectra of M57, Ring Nebula
M57 spectra revealing rings from the blue end of the spectrum to near infrared

Low resolution spectra of M27, Dumbbell Nebula
Spectra of M27 showing why the planetary nebula is best viewed visually with a O[III] narrow band filter

NGC 7762, Blue Snowball planetary nebula
Spectra of NGC 7662, the Blue Snowball planetary nebula, showing Ne, He and Ar emission lines

Stellarvue SV80S 80mm f/6 APO with Star Analyser 100 [100 line/mm] grating and DMK41 digital video camera
80mm achromat guidescope with Atik 2-HS modified CCD web cam

80mm APO and imaging / guiding computer